Waman is a videogame development studio which aims to make games that include players and spectators alike in a shared experience, using AR/VR/MR and other immersive technologies. We design from day one to encourage players to collaborate, compete, learn and engage in a unique way with their friends whether it's a crowded on-site event or a multiplayer online experience.

We love intense gameplay, fun visuals, narrative elements, experimental controllers and we're overall passionate learners who strive to make fun games before everything else.

Our first project is called FUGA, an arcade-style multiplayer musical shmup designed for virtual reality platforms, with a bit of audience interaction thrown in. We also love the retro-future and we're looking forward to create an exciting universe around it! 🤖

Last but not least, we love to apply our experience in the field through development services for brands, agencies, startups, and gamification consulting. Don't hesitate to contact us!


We're currently showing our prototype around and hope to get a working beta soon! Feel free to email us to if you want to know more about us, need press material, or just grab a coffee. We'll be glad to meet you!